Meet Our Team

Our veterinarians and staff are dedicated to deliver the highest quality customer and pet service. Please call 310-856-9443 to make an appointment. We welcome your inquiries and will be happy to serve you soon.

The Veterinarians

Dr. Tom Cole, DVM

Dr. Ivy Barnhart, DVM

Dr. Rebecca Vollrath, DVM

Licensed Vet Techs

Serena Peskie, CVT

Michelle Anderson, LVT

Business Staff

Tara Raffaelli, Practice Mgr

Michelle Stromer, Office Mgr

Donna Cole, Business Mgr

Patient Care Team

Jennifer Fitzpatrick

Michelle Anderson

Serena Peskie

Kelsey Monette

Angel Ovist

Kat Manderfield

Larisa Applegate


Michelle Stromer

Tara Raffaelli

Karina Jousma

Kelsey Monette

Hope Haaland

Chelsea Koski

Kennel Technicians

Steve Wercinski - Supervisor

Lucas Tarvainen

Michael Verbeke

Larissa Melbardis